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Diskutiere Sound Quality audio system im Audio - Navigation - Telekommunikation Forum im Bereich Avensis Drumherum (T22, T25 und T27); Hi, Excuse me for the English, but what do you guys in general think of the sound quality of the audio system? Personally I think it sounds...

  1. bobusa

    bobusa Guest


    Excuse me for the English, but what do you guys in general think of the sound quality of the audio system?
    Personally I think it sounds fairly good for a standard system, but it lacks low end. Did any of you ad a subwoofer? And if so, witch type and were and how did you connect it?

    I think the AV is great! I have the 2.0 executive with Full map DVD and Xenon. Excellent car! Great handling compared to the previous model.

    Thanks a lot.

    I tried German but it failed misserably [​IMG]

  2. Gast

    Gast Guest

    Hi Bob,

    first of all a welcome to you here. - I don't know whether the Mod likes english language here, but let's give it a try. [​IMG]

    I don't use any subwoofer, but I think, the sound system was desgined for the standard use, only.

    And I don't really need a strong low end. I think, a car-audio-dealer could help you, even without changing the whole rest of the audio! But be aware, he will bill you for that, and I think, it will be not a very small one, because of the time for trying out how to connect it to the system. I remember my dealer's swearings [​IMG] as he had to install the hand-free mobile phone kit. [​IMG] I was the first who orderd it, and there were no manuals what pin has wich function at all. - That's one of the moments, I know, why I didn't became a Toyota mechanic. [​IMG]

  3. #3 Freak242, 08.10.2003

    Freak242 Guest

    Hi Bob,

    try Toyota in Belguim. They offer a sub-woofer in the accessory list. I have the list at home, if I don't forget I'll check the price and let you know.


  4. #4 mi-ms496, 08.10.2003

    mi-ms496 Guest

    It would be good to be presented in this forum.

    Please pass the details to me, too.

    Kind regards, Michael
  5. HerrT

    HerrT Routinier

    Dabei seit:

    I've seen a picture (Austrian catalogue) of the 'subwoofer': 10cm thick [​IMG]

    Don't know the price, as it wasn't available at this time (2 weeks ago).

    Mr T. [​IMG]
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